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mkeartscene's Journal

Milwaukee's Unseen Art Scene
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We keep track of Milwaukee's real artists and the legitimate scene trying to avoid the "Art Moms."
One day I became fed up with my lack of knowledge of the Milwaukee art scene, and my all-too-often run ins with "Art Moms" (i.e. moms with too much time and money on their hands, who do water color and consider themselves to be a byway between reality and beauty).

So I'm here to attempt to sort out the Milwaukee Art Scene. The community is probably going to start out pretty buttoned down. I don't want a lot of people posting a lot of crap that I feel does not positively represent Milwaukee's art scene.

Feel free to join the community and add it to your friend's page but posting access will be limited until taste can be gaged. When I feel good about it, posting access will be granted and you'll have the ability to approve or deny other potential members. The trick will be to be discerning enough to allow variety without entrenching the community in a specific taste, yet understand what is good and bad art.

Hopefully new information will come in a decent enough clip to bring Milwaukee's art scene to life.