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Annie Aube at Hotcakes Gallery

Kali by Annie Aube

Annie Aube is currently showing at the Hotcakes Gallery until July 20th.

Aube was trained in fiber and embroidery and has applied her skills towards primitive representations of powerful or conflicted women in mythology and storytelling.

"Many of my embroideries involve visceral fluids which come from the body. My ideal show would be one where everything was open and allowed to be touched. I like my work to be ambiguous; I want my viewers to come to their own conclusions about what I'm trying to say. Though the embroideries defy this notion because of their narrative nature, they are all based off of specific stories."

Her beautiful and often kinetic work is brought all the way down from Alaska, so get a look while you can, cuz a plane ticket is gonna be a bit more difficult to come by.
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