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Luckystar Studio Presents Storybook

Luckystar Studio is exhibiting the first part of it's three-part Nightshade series, Storybook. It features such Midwest artists as Steven Schraenkler, Theresa Kettner, Bridget Griffith Evans, Ilsa Klink, Amy Marks, Stephen Somers and others with special guest: Allen Brewer.

Our Lake by Allen Brewer
Our Lake by Allen Brewer.

These works are influenced by fairy tales and fantasy - where things aren't always what they seems and the endings aren't always happy.

The open reception begins Friday, September 7, 6-10 pm at Luckystar Studio® on
5407 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee and closes October 6th. Other exhibits in the series include Death Becomes You (opening Gallery Night - October) and Going Slighty Mad (opening November 16th).

Theresa Kettner's Sieben (Seven)
Sieben (Seven) by Theresa Kettner .
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