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The BORG WARD appears to be a new collective of former MIAD students operating from Walker's Point. They're renting art studios and opening a gallery this Friday. There are also plans to create a recording studio as well.

The BORG WARD is a COLLECTIVE of artists, musicians, engineers, derelicts, politicians, activists, noise makers, and (rejects of) contemporary culture (rejects)[select one both or none]. They are an initiative furthering the EVOLUTION and documenting it's progress in our methodologies, activities, and exhibitions.

The BORG WARD is a ZERO PROFIT entity. Monetary transactions allow them to continue to subvert, operate, and reprogram. Positive cash balances will be used to fund community projects.

Details on the show:
September, 7 2007
823 W. NATIONAL, MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin 53202
ART: Kevin Soens, Pete Puskas, Rachel Mulder
MUSIC: The Kents, Mechanics of Romance

Pabst Brewery by Kevin Soens
Pabst Brewery by Kevin Soens

MMaquerade by Rachel Mulder
Maquerade by Rachel Mulder

I don't follow Star Trek to know how closely The BORG WARD relates.
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*shrug* Something about the fact that its a "collective"?
I'm not entirely sure what level of quality work this thing is going to create, but they seem to be dedicated to it. Kevin Soens is a pretty good artist (that Pabst Brewery pic is atypical of the work he's done, but it's one of the few things I could find online) so I'm hoping it doesn't turn into Amateur Hour at the Bucket Works.