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Milwaukee's Unseen Art Scene's Journal

Below are the 12 most recent journal entries.


  2007.11.30  17.27
Art vs Craft

Arts vs. Craft

Art vs. Craft
Saturday, December 8th
Scottish Rite Masonic Temple
790 N. Van Buren St.
Downtown Milwaukee

There's always a nice selection of artists and designers at this fair, where others DIY so you don't have to. Fayth Lavine has amassed a mix of Milwaukee's best, and is the one of the current standard bearers of the condition of the Milwaukee Art Scene. What better way to uplift a lazy scene than by selling decent art at a marketable price.

And hooray for a new location. I don't know what it's like, but it's gotta be better than the "church basement" the group was showing in before.


  2007.11.30  17.17
The Martin Ramirez Box


The Ramirez Box

Artists participating in project: Beth Bojarski, L. CHAPPELLE, Monica Drake, Charles Dwyer, Curt Emmer, Karen Gorecki, Emily Gormican, Joy Harmon, Sonji Hunt, Mutope J Johnson, Khanh
Marisa Graff Lange / Brad Lange, Faythe Levine, Chris Miller, Kristopher Pollard, John Riepenhoff, Soar Studios, Jenipher Sob, Steve Somers, Special Entertainment, Renee Staeck, Betty Blexrud Strigens, Damian Strigens, Eric Von Munz, Della Wells, Mark Winter, Bernadette Witzack

$7 admission

Film, interactive exhibit, and performance by donebestdone.
M. Neuman & M. Falk present The Ramirezone.
Vash / Cerqua / Kressin bring you into a Ramirez painting.

DJ's Tom Crawford & Von Munz will provide music from 8-11, at which point dbd will take the stage for a performance.

Ramirez-inspired make-and-take workshop with MAM.

Filmed lecture on the work of Martin Ramirez playing in Lubar Auditorium throughout the evening.

Free appetizers and a cash bar will be provided.

The Martin Ramirez exhibition will be open until 10PM at no additional charge.

These things are always a mixed bag as far as local artists go, leaning heavily on the "good effort" side of things, but there might be one or two pieces worth checking out. What is certainly worth checking out is the Martin Ramirez gallery, which will be open until 10 and is included in the admission price. Nice.

More info on Cedar Block.


  2007.11.28  09.50
Oak Leaf Koi Pond

Oak Leaf Koi Pond (View From Bridge 03)

If you haven't been down the Oak Leaf Trail recently, you might want to look over the bridges at the North and Oakland intersection and treat yourself to the river of Koi that somebody has treated us with. This picture shows the initial few, but the bike path has since been flooded with these fish.


  2007.11.16  16.30
Art Riot at The Social

Art Riot Poster

From OnMilwaukee.com
Seven emerging artists show off their work at Art Riot, sponsored by SHAG and Milwaukee Happy Hour. The 10 p.m. show will be held at The Social and include music from DJ Spector, performances from the No No Go Go Dancers as well as drink specials.

From MilwaukeeHappyHour.com
Art Riot is a collison of art, music and culture featuring the artwork of Jason Belmonti, Violet Guiterrez, Mate Kramlik, Josh Rickun, David Arnevik, Jeremy Pettis and Ryan Rockwilder. Hard driving Rock and Roll music provided by DJ Specter. Wicked inspiration provided by the No No Go Go dancers and "Starving Artist" $3 tall Absolut drink specials all night!

I'm gonna be out of town this Saturday, so if anybody goes to this, please let me know how it went, and also try to get pictures. I have a feeling the above questions (Is Art Art?) are going to be more compelling now than in any real conversation that night (after all, it's a bar, not a discussion area), but something interesting might pop up...

The event is one night only. No word as to how long the show will actually stay up.


  2007.11.15  12.20
Open Canvas 2007

Open Canvas Logo

The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and the Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design team up for the 6th annual Open Canvas event. 80 artists spend the night creating individual paintings, while spectators watch and enjoy food and drink from 25 sponsoring restaurants and caterers.

I would guess the interest in this event would lie more in the energy of spontaneity and "free" food and drinks than in the artistic end result. But if you think about any other night on the town, you might spend just as much in the company of much more ridiculous people.

And dear god, how is it that a design school and a design museum find THAT logo to be acceptable?

Tickets are $50 in advance, $55 at the door. More info and a full list of artists.


  2007.10.30  09.30
Milwaukee Street Gallery

The first few updates started strong...then a gap. We'll get things rolling again shortly. In the meantime, a new art venue opened in Milwaukee called the Milwaukee Street Gallery, which, to my hopeful ears, sounded like a showcase of Street Art. It turns out, it is simply a gallery located on Milwaukee Street.

Far from street art, it's an embarrassment to the name of visual art, at least as far as their online gallery goes. It's filled with pictures of somebody else's kids and, I assume, artwork from those kids, as well as a Baby Macro. Is this art or somebody's family homepage?

Pirate Kids
Pirate Kids 8" x 12"

Barbi Blutstein assures us that: "Our passion for collecting and selling art, combined with our commitment to unparalleled customer service, will allow us to satisfy a niche in the area that has been left unfilled."

And as for their logo, must we use yet another rainbow to signify "art?"

As a reminder, this is the kind of thing this blog aims to fight against. If you see something that deserves to be showcased, whether it's art in a gallery, art in your friend's basement, art on the street, or an unmentioned piece of architecture send it this way. Gallery art. Street art. Just not bad art.


  2007.09.12  10.42

Mural Designed by the BORG WARD

Tonight the art collective known as the BORG WARD has a show featuring Pink Reason and Little Claw.

I don't know about the two bands, but if you missed the gallery's opening night, you should certainly stop in tonight.

Overall, I was most impressed by Pete Puskas' digital collages, which feel solid and complete and hold a surprising amount of depth. Rachel Mulder has reportedly already sold a fair amount of work.
Images by Pete Puskas Images by Rachel Mulder

I have to apologize for the quality of photography. I rushed to upload the images without properly balancing them. I'll try to do better next time, but it's all the more reason to go check 'em out.

the BORG WARD is located at 823 W. National Ave. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  2007.09.07  10.13
Luckystar Studio Presents Storybook

Luckystar Studio is exhibiting the first part of it's three-part Nightshade series, Storybook. It features such Midwest artists as Steven Schraenkler, Theresa Kettner, Bridget Griffith Evans, Ilsa Klink, Amy Marks, Stephen Somers and others with special guest: Allen Brewer.

Our Lake by Allen Brewer
Our Lake by Allen Brewer.

These works are influenced by fairy tales and fantasy - where things aren't always what they seems and the endings aren't always happy.

The open reception begins Friday, September 7, 6-10 pm at Luckystar Studio® on
5407 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee and closes October 6th. Other exhibits in the series include Death Becomes You (opening Gallery Night - October) and Going Slighty Mad (opening November 16th).

Theresa Kettner's Sieben (Seven)
Sieben (Seven) by Theresa Kettner .


  2007.09.04  14.10

The BORG WARD appears to be a new collective of former MIAD students operating from Walker's Point. They're renting art studios and opening a gallery this Friday. There are also plans to create a recording studio as well.

The BORG WARD is a COLLECTIVE of artists, musicians, engineers, derelicts, politicians, activists, noise makers, and (rejects of) contemporary culture (rejects)[select one both or none]. They are an initiative furthering the EVOLUTION and documenting it's progress in our methodologies, activities, and exhibitions.

The BORG WARD is a ZERO PROFIT entity. Monetary transactions allow them to continue to subvert, operate, and reprogram. Positive cash balances will be used to fund community projects.

Details on the show:
September, 7 2007
823 W. NATIONAL, MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin 53202
ART: Kevin Soens, Pete Puskas, Rachel Mulder
MUSIC: The Kents, Mechanics of Romance

Pabst Brewery by Kevin Soens
Pabst Brewery by Kevin Soens

MMaquerade by Rachel Mulder
Maquerade by Rachel Mulder

I don't follow Star Trek to know how closely The BORG WARD relates.


  2007.08.22  14.28
Milwaukee's Street Art

Here's a nice collection of graffiti street art from Milwaukee's streets. Most if the images are tagged as to their specific location, and many people have commented as to whether or not those images still exist. Disappointingly, this one does not:

Marsupial Street Bridge Graffiti
Marsupial Street Bridge Graffiti. Photo by Flickr user, illustriousbean.

This subsequently led me to the Milwaukee Graffiti Guerilla Art community.


  2007.08.17  09.50
Art Show

Two Beautifully Bloody Days Left with Annie Aube.
People either say they completely relate with my work or they seem to think I'm some kind of insane monster who is interested in nothing but violence (though they might be right about the violence part (smiles). I've seen people take away ideas of feminism, and though that is part of my work, it is not the main part and it's purely coincidence that they are all women at this time. I have plans to do several works of men in the future. Many people seem to be somewhat disturbed and don't seem to know what to think. I find this fascinating considering the amount of violence that they show on TV every day.
Today and Tommorrow are the last days, so catch it before it returns home to Alaska.


  2007.08.14  11.52
Annie Aube at Hotcakes Gallery

Kali by Annie Aube

Annie Aube is currently showing at the Hotcakes Gallery until July 20th.

Aube was trained in fiber and embroidery and has applied her skills towards primitive representations of powerful or conflicted women in mythology and storytelling.

"Many of my embroideries involve visceral fluids which come from the body. My ideal show would be one where everything was open and allowed to be touched. I like my work to be ambiguous; I want my viewers to come to their own conclusions about what I'm trying to say. Though the embroideries defy this notion because of their narrative nature, they are all based off of specific stories."

Her beautiful and often kinetic work is brought all the way down from Alaska, so get a look while you can, cuz a plane ticket is gonna be a bit more difficult to come by.